We make the visit to your neighborhood café an ‘experience’ and provide a special experience to chosen segment. Uniquebrew has estimated that presently 38% of the footfalls in its outlets belong to students between the ages of 15 to 24 years. Another interesting demographic is that due to the Italian Café Menu line and the Fresh Dough Pizza Menu line, the upper formats of the business models also attract a wide range of demographics including families and professional groups, which contribute to around 80% of the business in the evening hours(8:00 pm to 11:00 pm)


Step 1: Regular Café – A >>> Quick,Affordable,Convenient, >>> Students, Youth< Coffee Lovers.

Step 2: Fast Food Café – B>>> Variety in Fresh Food, Ambiance,Music>>> Muilti Segment – Personal.

Step 3: Italian Café – C>>> Casual Dining Italian Restaurant with Café >>> Mid Age, Family,Professionals, Corporate.

Step 4: Sports Lounge Café –D>>>Ambiance,Theme,Variety,Scale of Operations>>>Multi Segment – Personal and Corporate.


Uniquebrew is has developed an entirely new new amalgamation of business models to come up with its unique business model(s) encompassing the various aspects of café, greasy spoon,deil,bistro and restaurant hereby providing with the business across the segments and capturing the markets across them as well. The unique position placements gives the edge to the business model in comparision to the regular café or coffee shops.