The franchiser will

Step 1: Provide Assistance in the selection of anappropriate location for the business.

Step 2: Provide entire setup training and assistance for the establishment of the store at the Franchisee location with the SOP of the company.

Step 3: Assist in selection of the staff from either the available recruitments or the fresh recruitment from the local sources.

Step 4: Provide with the supply chain and vendor management tasks for the store.

Step 5: Provide with complete Operational Plans and Development of the model as per the requirements.

Step 6: Supply formals for promotional materials.

Step 7: Suggest strategies for business growth and development.

Step 8: Provide with regular support from the Regional Network as well as the HQ to assist the operations of the day to day workings.

The franchisee is expected to

Step 1: Sign the agreement and abide by the terms & conditions.

Step 2: Set the store up at an appropriate location.

Step 3: Follow the standards of the brand and work towards the maintenance of the optimum levels.

Step 4: Follow the guidelines from the HQ and RO on regular basis.

Step 5: Keep track of the operations at store level and maintain all records to assist the company in assisting the working in a better manner.

Step 6: Get regular training and follow operations process from the Head Quarters.

Step 7: Undertake local promotional activities such banners tie ups as per the requirements.

Step 8: Reach out to maximum target market with constant efforts and regular inputs.

Step 9: Maintain the standards and constantly take the feedback of the business from the customers and strive to improve with every little detail.