Logo, Image and Brand

Uniquebrew Café has used brown, white and purple colors in its logo. Brown stands for earthiness, vitality, passion for coffee and connects to the basics. The white stroke symbolizes Class and Sophistication that is an integral part of the brand’s identity. The background of the logo is the color Purple which symbolizes class and distinction.


Largely wood and granite based interior with bright colors in the basic business models ‘A’ and ‘B’, as the brand is more connected to the youth with the first two models. A lot of emphasis on beige and cream textures with brown shades in the ‘C’ Model where the emphasis is to create a rich fine dine environment and a largely Black and Dark Brown hue to the ‘D’ Model where the relaxing tole of the model gives a rich and relaxing mood.


The literature of Uniquebrew Café is indicative of its image. The menus,posters,pamphlets are all designed to attract the desired class of people with the emphasis on the model. The various business models require various types of Literature based promotions.