Step 1: Site Identification and Selection.

Step 2: Hire (Partially assisted by HQ).

Step 3: Induction and Training of Staff(By both Corporate and Local Training team).
a. Human Resource Planning according to the market potential analysis and requirement of Franchisee(By HQ)
b. Recruitment advertisement in Local Newspaper (optional) OR Screening of Desired candidates profiles from the database of the local candidates.
c. Assistance from HQ-Human Resourcec Division for the short listing of the candidate profiles.
d. Interviews for the short-listed candidates by the Franchisee.
e. Selection of the candidates.

Step 4: Employee Orientation with the Franchisee at Franchisee Location.

Step 5: Training of the staff at HQ or RP(Regional Partner).

Step 6: Infrastructure setup and development (as per the HQ Guidelines).

Step 7: Media planning and Launch Strategy (in Coordination with HQ).

Step 8: Training regarding SOP implementation.

Step 9: Detailed explanation of the Company’s working ethics and vision and mission.

Step 10: Training and know-how about day to day workings and methodology of mutual tie up etc.


Step 1: Coordination with HQ and Operations team regarding the day to day operations.

Step 2: Identification of the concerned market lumps where the potential.

Step 3: Promotions and tie-ups with malls and/or high streets for increased awareness for the store.

Step 4: Developing the database of the potential customers to utilize the direct marketing channels.

Step 5: Constant co-ordination and communication regarding the business with HQ for smooth work flow.

Step 6: Market survey and study on a constant basis and updates of the same to HQ as well as the mobile operations team.

Step 7: Co-ordination with the event management people from the local market to get regular events organized at the store.

Step 8: Regular inspection by a operations team of the company or the master Franchisee.

Step 9: Assistance from the HQ for the ongoing deal with assistance in product development and operations

Step 10: Screening and checking of the regular reporting as well as coordination with the company person as and when required.


Invitation cards for the Chief Guest, Guest of the honors and invitees.

Hoardings/Banners near the center before 2-3 days of launch.

An SMS campaign using the local database.

An advertisement in local newspapers/news channels.

Product / Services Pamphlets Distribution
(minimum weekly frequency for 3 months)