How to Become a Franchisee of Company

Step 1: Your will receive an Introductory Mail.

Step 2: YOU have to fill Letter of Business Inquiry form and send it back to U Brew Expansion Team.

Step 3: As soon as YOU send US the LOBI along with property Pictures (If Available). WE will then send you the FINANCIALS based on model (UB Format) Selected by YOU.

Step 4: After AGREEING to UB FORMAT and FINANCIALS with respect to format, UB EXPANSION team will Mail you A Letter of Intent (LOI)

YOU have to Sign that LOI and send it back to UB Expansion Team along with Cheque of Token amount LOI is not an agreement but it’s a formality to confirm your interest to start Uniquebrew Café. This amount will be adjusted against your Franchisee Fee.

Step 5: As Soon As UB Expansion Team receives YOUR signed LOI along with token amount UB Expansion Team schedule a Visit to your place with AGREEMENT copy to finalize Property (If options are available)

Step 6: PROPERTY finalization with respect to format. UB Expansion Team return back to Head Quarter with signed Agreement Copy and 100% Franchisee Fee (Your token amount deposit with LOI will be adjusted against Franchisee Fee)

Step 7: Your Business will be set up and developed for you and handed over to you by the UB Support Team as per the Support guidelines.