As far as Café Business concerned, we are definitely unique!!!

Uniquebrew café traces its origins to the mere beginnings as an individual café in the suburban town of Navsari near Surat, GUJARAT- India’s shining Diamond Capital. The team behind Uniquebrew Café thought of it as their answer to the large brands which charge exorbitantly high prices from the people and require a higher amount of investment to open. This paved way for the inception of the brand in 2010.By the end of had already started creating waves of curiosity amongst the customers who were mostly NRI’s in the winter months coming from USA or UK who saw the levels of hygiene and the range and variety offered by the café in spite of the limitations of the business type. This gave the team a direction and it started exploring the opportunities for the foray into franchising for the expansion of the brand and its business.

The following year saw meticulous planning and development of the correct strategies of working that could be easily replicated and the growth of a business model that can be successfully operated acreoss the length and breadth of the country. Toda, Uniquebrew Café is a well defined business with an entire operational and business structure with focuses on the growth of the brand with its associates and network alike. The core competencies of Uniquebrew Café stand with the values and understanding of the business in the way that it is to develop and sustain the network by nurturing it from its roots rather than focusing on the expansion without any direction whatsever.

We at Uniquebrew Café simply hold pride in the pricesses and systems that make us what we are and oue simple yet effective business models keep the most important thing in mind, to replicate the success story of Uniquebrew Café across the country with associates who are willing to take share in the development of the business along with their involvement and efforts in the running of the network of Uniquebrew Café Franchise system across the country.