Industry At A Glance

The Indian Food and Beverage industry is valued at around INR 43,000 Crores where the café or coffee shop business accounts for around 20-25%. The average annual growth that this industry sees is of around 30-35% where the business has a lot of future potential as well owing to the fact that the market is moving towards the urbanization at a decent pace.

The business of organized dining or eating out is at a factorable INR 12,000 Crores annually which means that the organized of defined options are limited to the customers either because of the lack of an organized planning or resource management by the current players or complete lack of knowledge in the topic where both the cases are proved correct. In the year 2012, the restaurant industry saw unprecedented growth figures and by estimates the Indian Food & Beverage industry will be valued at INR 100,000 Crores by 2015/16. This proves that the F & B industry in india is here to stay.

The Indian Café market is comparativrly in its qnascent stage with lack of many defined options for the people as the market dynamics are high and the competition is fierce. The top 2 brands in the Indian Coffee shop industry are in neck deep fight for collateral damage but the market of Fresh Food Café and Fusion Café is very empty with little or no competition as all the major players in the coffee shop industry do not care for the development of the model to incorporate full line café business.

Here comes the potential towards the development and sustainability of a complete café business with multiple options and workings.

With so many factors at work, this industry holds very high opportunity factor for you and Uniquebrew is the best way to help you grab this opportunity.